Florida Whistleblower Act: Protection for Employees

Do you need to blow the whistle on illegal conditions or actions by an employer? Do you know what protections you have or what to expect? If you don’t, you may need the help of a whistleblower lawyer.

Before you blow the whistle, it can help you to understand the Florida laws that are involved. In this guide, you will learn what whistleblowing is and two main pieces of legislation that protect whistleblowers. 

You’ll also learn what to expect when you blow the whistle, how you’re protected, and what to do if you face retaliation.

Florida Nursing Home Quality of Care Violations

Quality of care is a measure of the care that patients receive at nursing homes. Residents of these homes have a right to expect safety, hygienic environments, and the appropriate treatment. When nursing homes take money from the government, it’s not only the patient’s expectations that matter.

When any nursing home bills Medicaid of Medicare (for skilled nursing care), they are declaring that their services are up-to-standard. That means low-quality services don’t merely harm the patient—they also represent fraud against the government. That fraud can be prosecuted severely using the False Claims Act.